Giove Law Offices, Formerly, Lenahann & Associates, A/k/a Lenahan Law Office, A/k/a Empire Recovery Group, A/k/a Jack Sortino, Compliance, A/k/a Northeast Center for Law, PLLC 

(Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Amherst, Rochester, West Seneca, Snyder, NY, Virginia Beach, VA)


by: Kenneth M. DeLashmutt


Consumer advocate and credit/debt expert Bud Hibbs has information about Giove Law Offices.  Indeed, Mr. Hibbs ranks Giove Law Offices as the number one worst debt collection agency in the United States. 


The following entities are engaged in illegal debt collection practices, racketeering and organized crime.  You do not have to pay any money to anyone representing the following:


The Lenahan list of collection associates:

  • John Daniel & Danielle Fanning, Giove Law Offices, formerly, Lenahan Law Office, Buffalo, NY

  • Account Management Services, Buffalo, NY (Mark Bohn, Owner)

  • Timothy Ray Collins Law Office, Buffalo, NY

  • David Dyer Collection Agency, Buffalo, NY

  • Empire Recover Group, Buffalo, NY (aka National Processing) (Vincent Bianco, Owner)

  • Ethical Recovery Group, Buffalo, NY (Michael Mancone, Owner)

  • First American Investment Co, Rochester, NY (Carl Steinbrenner)

  • Rodney Anthony Giove Law Office, Niagara Falls, NY

  • Harry Edward Cohn, Attorney, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Law Office of James Roscetti, Buffalo, NY

  • Lawrence C. Brown, Attorney, Buffalo, NY

  • The Law Center, (Harry E.Cohn - deceased) Virginia Beach, VA

  • Triton Capital Inc., Niagara Falls, NY (James Roscetti, Owner)


Contact Information:


Giove Law Office
Address: 3695 Pine Street
Niagara Falls New York 14302
Phone: 716-284-0481


Jack Sortino, Compliance

65 Great Arrow Ave.

Buffalo, NY 14216-3203
Phone: 716-447-8105


Jack Sortino, Compliance

2265 George Urban Blvd
Depew, NY 14043-1921
Phone: 716-681-3838


Northeast Center for Law, PLLC   
3438 Walden Ave.
Depew, NY 14043
Phone: 716-683-3000

Consumers in all states should cease all payments to Giove Law Offices formerly, Lenahan and Associates and affiliates immediately!


Criminals, Liars, Con-Men, Thieves, Extortionist


Giove Law Office is a SCAM! DO NOT pay them a cent or give them any of your banking information. These people buy OLD debts and attempt to collect the amounts due. The problem with these OLD debts is that they are OLD!, the statute of limitations has run out on them.


Each state has different time periods for different types of debts, Google "debt statute of limitations (YOUR STATE)" and you should get several results that will have the information for your state. DO NOT pay them because the money will not go to the principal, it will go to the collectors and they will do nothing to remove the "bad mark" on your credit report.

According to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act all debt collectors MUST send you a statement of your account and their intent to collect the debt.


Most debt collectors will ask you if you have a fax machine, tell them you do not have a fax machine. Next, they will ask you if have a fax number at your workplace, again, tell them you have do not fax machine you can not receive personal transmissions. Tell them to mail you the statement and you WILL NOT discuss this matter further until you receive the statement of account and their intent to collect debt, this is the last thing they want to do because it SLOWS the collection process. Time is on YOUR side NOT the debt collectors! The longer things take the less likely you will pay.


Here is where you can lead them on a bit, tell them you will pay but you want to see the statement of the account FIRST!

When the letter arrives, file it with the envelope with your other notes. When someone from the Giove office calls tell them that you have not received the letter and you will not discuss this matter until you receive it and hang up. This will frustrate them, they might call right back or wait a day or two, when they do call back your story is the same, no letter has arrived and since there is no letter you will not discuss the debt or payment. Also, you should tell them to resend it.

Keep this going as long as possible and make them send as many letters as you possibly can. After the fourth or fifth letter, they will usually give up. Faxing letters is very inexpensive and easy for them; sending letters is expensive and slow. With a Fax they get instant confirmation that you received the statement. With a letter, they cannot prove it was delivered because they are too cheap to pay for a return receipt or delivery confirmation!

Their primary tactic is to catch you off guard and keep you on the defensive. your best defense is to be educated, learn the laws and use them to your advantage.

They might use threats of law suits or other forms of intimidation and coercion. If they do threaten you with legal action they must have a set time frame to file it, if they do not then they have violated a law the prohibits the use of this type of threat and it is this is grounds for a law suit which you can easily win if your state allows recording of phone calls. The likely hood that these people have a license to collect debts in your state is slim to none; this is grounds for a lawsuit, which you can easily win. First, you have to check with the division of government that deals with bill / debt collectors. In your state, look this information up online, use Google and search for “debt collectors license (YOUR STATE)” to find the agency then check to see what the look up procedure is. Once you confirm that they do not have the correct permit to collect debts in your state, you file a suit against them in civil court for violating your states requirement to have a permit and your rights according to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the maximum penalty is $1,000.00 in Federal Court. Some states allow punitive awards for violations of state Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

If they do file a law suit against you it's your lucky day because (1) you can easily win by stating in your response that the statute of limitations has run on this debt (2) now you can counter sue them for violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.


Case Law


United States District Courts and Supreme Court Rulings in Mile High Industries v. Cohen, Rhode Island v. Massachusetts, Szetela v. Discover Bank, Toppings v. Meritech Mortgage Services, Inc., Doctor’s Associates, Inc. v. Casarotto, Vermont v. New Hampshire, Casteel vs. Clear Channel Broad., Inc., Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. vs. Gaskamp, Stout vs. Byrider, Myers vs. MBNA America and North American Capitol Corporation, Georgia v. South Carolina, Hale vs. Henkel, Erie Railroad Company v. Tompkins, Trinsey v. Pagliaro and Adickes v. Kress & Co.;



What can you do about it? 


We have the answer, and all the documents and information your will need to defend yourself against Giove Law Offices. Contact us by filling out an information form at the following link.


We have two options available for consumers who are being sued by Giove Law Offices. Whether you hire us or someone else, it is better to hire a lawyer than to go it alone.


Learn What Your Rights Are: Debtors Rights


Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Your Right to Validation

Dealing With Debt Collectors

Dealing With Debt Collections

Your Credit File Rights


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