It is fair for you to discharge a mortgage on your principle dwelling when you need to do so? If you are elderly and can't keep up, you are sick and can't afford it, your business has failed, you went through an unpleasant divorce ...there are all sorts of valid reasons that you might need to use your Treasury Account, but, you wouldn't do it just for a lark or go out and buy up ten luxury vacation properties and plead necessity for discharging all of them. That's not reasonable or prudent or fair. That is not "Good Faith". That is a purposeful manipulation that isn't allowed and you will get in trouble.

It is fair for you to discharge utility bills that you cannot afford? Again, you are elderly or sick or just starting out and struggling really hard and for whatever good, decent, actual reason need to "let go of the rope" -- use your stamp. You've been a Good Joe and done your part for your whole life. Nobody has any right to complain if you kick back now and discharge all your utility bills so long as they are public utilities. In most places that means electrical, water, waste management, and gas.

Follow these steps and basically, any bill that gets sent to JOHN MICHAEL DOE is a bill that you are exempt from having to pay.

1) Claim your exemption from federal income taxes. You send a Letter of Revocation of Election to the Commissioners of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and tell them that you revoke your election to pay federal income taxes beginning with October the first of last year or any prior year you choose.

2)Complete Step One first; "Correct Your Political Status and Return to an American National"

Then you follow this process: "How to Use Your Treasury Account to Charge Back"

You will  discharge the mortgage, car payments, college debts, medical bills, and property taxes... With Your Treasury Direct Account

The Mortgage:

The mortgage is owed by a Municipal United States STATE franchise corporation that is merely named after you or your husband or both. You have been tricked into paying off ITS mortgage. If you are now unable to pay the mortgage because your income is fixed and hasn't kept pace with inflation, or because of medical bills or other issues, you can force those responsible for entrapping you and misinforming you to pay for both the mortgage and the court case costs.

Step Two - "Use Your Chargeback:"

3) You are going to send your IRS Form 56 appointing Mr. Mnuchin your Fiduciary and the copy of your Birth Certificate properly endorsed and "surrendered" to the U.S. Treasury and a letter to Mr. Mnuchin telling him that you are waiving any benefit of the Public Charitable Trust or Limited Liability insurance and that you are instead operating under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 for your state of the union. You are going to send this to him via Registered Mail.

All this is covered in the "How to Use Your Chargeback" CD-ROM you can purchase below:

4) Go to the Post Office'...

5) Now go to a print shop and order yourself a self-inking red ink stamp.

That stamp needs to read like this:

by: (Doe, John Michael)
all rights reserved, Without Recourse
Exemption ID: 123456789
Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to
JOHN MICHAEL DOE 123-45-6789
Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 Idaho
Registered Treasury Acct. # RE 123 453 673 US

6) You put this stamp on the front and the back...

7) Now you are going to sign this stamp block by...

8) If you are African American... (special instructions)

9) If the foreclosure agent/court continues to give you any trouble...

Now the first piece of property you want to claim is your own trust account...

The second Form 1099A on that sheet of three is where you claim your house back...

You can use the third 1099 A on that sheet to claim back any other property you have a valid interest in. I'd suggest that you claim the Court Case; again, the LENDER is YOUR NAME, the BORROWER is the Court name and address, the "account" is the Court Case Number, the year is whenever the foreclosure started, the balance and fair market value are unknown, and the description is: "Foreclosure of Property Case and Bid Bond".

Any bill that you get addressed to JOHN MICHAEL DOE can be discharged using your little stamp and signing it Last Name, First Middle, ...once you get things straight with the Treasury and reclaim your birthright.

10) Now, the IRS is your friend. They are going to do all the work of researching everything for you and collecting on all that is owed to you...

10) You leave the amount blank because neither you nor the IRS has any idea how much this investigation/prosecution/tax payment is going to cost--- and yes, this is like giving them a blank check; however, they are sworn to serve you and your trust and have to account to the Treasury for their charges, so all things considered it is the most expeditious way for everyone to operate right now and in time to save your house if the Court Clerk is either too stubborn or ignorant to do the right thing.

11) You fold up your 1096, your three (or more) 1099A Forms, your stamped 1040V, and you send the whole thing in Registered Mail to:

Internal Revenue Service CID at
Office Box 192
Covington, Kentucky 41050.

This process and information; contained in "How to Use Your Chargeback" will profoundly change your relationship with the "federal government" and your life.

Now I know it is shocking to think of the IRS as your friend and ally, but that's the way it is. And I know this LOOKS like a lot of work and complexity, but it really isn't. The forms are simple and the worst part is waiting for the IRS to send them. It takes a week or two sometimes.


This process and information, in other words, everything you need to know including instructions, templates, examples .pdf's and MS word documents is available below. Read On: 

"Correct Your Political Status and Return to an American National"


How to Use Your Treasury Account to Charge Back the Mortgage, Car Payments, College Debts, Medical Bills, and Property Taxes...

The information contained in our CD-ROM will profoundly change your relationship with the "federal government" and your life.

To order the Two Part Do-It-Yourself CD-ROM. (without personal coaching) $250.00

To order the Two Part CD-ROM. (with personal coaching) $2500.00


Our mission is to show you how to stop foreclosure, discharge unsecured debt and discharge IRS tax liens.
We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.

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